The Brothers Silver Book Cover
“Jampole rejects any negative assessment concerning subject matter, and unflinchingly explores the origin and impact of childhood trauma in a manner not frequently observed in novels by men…. What a delight for a reader who reads for writing…. The changes in voice and style, from verse to dramatic monologue to dialogue and every place in between, permit Jampole to create a more complete perspective of character and situation.”
The Brothers Silver … represents a new high-water mark in the history of novels written by men concerning the impact of childhood trauma and the strategies necessary to cope with or survive that trauma as an adult … Jampole’s deep and intense interest in the possibilities inherent in the use of the English language is evident from the very first page. His use of rhyme and rhythm to capture voice is riveting as is his turn to dramatic dialogue.”
“Jampole writes tempestuously, with rising and flipping wordplay…. The passages involving music are particularly strong.”
“Lyrical, assured storytelling, fully fleshed-out characterization, and moving insights contribute to a story that’s guaranteed to make a lasting note in readers’ minds. Fans of literary fiction won’t want to miss this one.”
“The story unfolds in numerous voices, each expressed in a unique literary style. The cumulative effect of this narrative approach is akin to a multi-lingual Greek chorus that both propels the narrative and responds to it.”
- Compulsive Reader
The Brothers Silver is an emotionally wrenching tale of a family that plays out over fifty years. The emotions on display throughout are various and palpable. When the narrative shifts, from Jules to Leon to Edwin or Ethel, the reader’s mood will adapt to that persona and will find themselves empathetic, sympathetic, or occasionally the exact opposite. The characters are not necessarily likable in all circumstances, but they are relatable.”
- The City Review
“One of my favorite things about this book is the short stories within the book about [the protagonist] Jules’s adventures. Jules goes to so many interesting, and sometimes sketchy, places and tries out many different things, good and bad, along the way. Author Marc Jampole writes with such ease as we picture through the eyes of Jules, the cities and people Jules meets. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good nostalgic story full of tales and adventures.”
- Portland Book Review
“In The Brothers Silver, poet Marc Jampole experiments with the novel form while describing the adventures of two boys who emerge from their traumatic youth and take divergent paths into adulthood.
The Brothers Silver by Marc Jampole is a remarkable coming of age tale.”
“Marc Jampole is a terrific storyteller.”
“All the elements were flawless: the characters, the setting, the narrative, the dialogue. This book had a strong opening that instantly put me in a trance, compelling characters that are multifaceted, an absorbing story that pierced through my soul, and sharp dialogues that spoke of the characters’ different perception and personalities.”
“This book is so good as I said I hated to put it down and when it was over it was bittersweet.”
- Amazon Review
“It’s been a while since I’ve read something with a prose as inventive as what I encountered in this book.”
- Goodreads Review, June 8, 2021
“It’s truly as if you were listening to someone’s thoughts… jumping, shifting, repeating. You feel his emotions, guilt, fear, anger, not because he describes what happened in his life but because the speed of his thoughts rush through you as if you were feeling the emotions with him.”
- Goodreads Review. May 22, 2021
“That is the sign of great writing; capturing the emotion of the character so well that it resonates deep within you. A coming-of-age story that is sensitively drawn yet is filled with difficult themes like abuse, womanizing, drugs, and more, this book is highly recommended.”
- Amazon Review
“Lovers of the use of language will enjoy this read.”
- Amazon Review